Production Services

Voltran is a 360 degrees, full-fledged production and servicing company for commercial, film and digital production. With professional experience of its partners running over 25 years, Voltran is one of the major production companies in Turkey.

With its professional and passionate crew, talented, young and well-established directors, Voltran is dedicated to design and realize projects with the highest production values and greatest creative outcome.
Voltran utilizes its profound experience and know-how to attain the best value with optimal cost and time effective solutions. Voltran is here to be your solution partner all along the way, starting from the project planning stage, providing full-fledged project design while embracing every detail and production pillar leading up to airing.
Voltran is designed to create, develop and produce genuine, effective content for TV, film and digital. Through Shotbox cooperation for demo productions and strong international production network, it is dedicated to realize projects from all around the world.
Partners of Voltran have collaborated with many local and multinational brands, directors and celebrities over the past two decades.
Voltran is the member of Commercial Film Producers Turkey and CFP Europe (Commercial Film Producers of Europe).

Why Voltran

Voltran is designed to offer its local and multinational business partners highest quality production with the best-value solutions. We provide you with a full-fledged project design for commercials, films, demo production,  development and realization of unique digital content.

On top of Voltran’s well-established production experience, optimum costs are an added attraction. Crew rates, equipment prices, accommodation, studios, construction and art department expenses are the most obvious to name, yet you will be delighted to find out how much we can provide you with the optimum solutions in other areas of expenditure, too. Recent economical developments brought the currency rate to its most favorable level and created an immense positive impact on our budgets.

As a result of highly competitive and well-developed advertising sector, Voltran offers professionally trained-on-field crew and a strong production infrastructure. Working with the most-demanding directors/producers from all around the world, we assure offering you the most talented crew members with the prices hard to beat. Most of our key members have good command of English. They are dedicated to secure quality in all aspects of production.

World class filming equipment and post-production facilities is found in Turkey, following the important investments made during the last decade. As a regular user of these services, Voltran has strong relationships with a range of suppliers allowing us to provide you with the right equipment at the right price.

Turkey is a spectacularly rich country in terms of location diversity, providing you with the most suitable choices for your project’s needs. Along with Voltran’s profound production experience, we offer you the best production design with the most suitable location solutions.

Aegean Sea by two one of its kind waterways, The Bosphorus and The Dardanelles… These embrace more than 5000 miles of unspoiled rocky and sandy beaches – some situated half an hour drive from mountain ski resorts, expansive fields, lush green forests, splendid lakes, rivers, waterfalls, vineyards, high mountains, even dormant volcanoes and deserts. Unique landscapes such as Hierapolis- Limestone Terraces filled with warm water all through the year and Cappadocia- Fairy Chimneys, naturally formed rock formations. Thousands of years of old ancient ruins and more recent historic architecture coexist with hi-Tec office towers. Old Bazaars continue to thrive within walking distance of modern shopping malls. A wide range of landscapes that change noticeably in a few kilometers offers the possibility of shooting various takes in different surroundings within the same day.

Voltran offers you the most suitable production design for your project’s needs all throughout the year. Utilizing Turkey’s excellent weather conditions gives you a significant advantage to achieve the best outcome in terms of creative result and production value.

Due to its geographical position, Turkey is ideally suited to filming all around the year. The diversity of the climate and the landscape offer the possibility of finding 4 different seasons during the same period within the country.

In the South, days are warm and sunny almost all through the year. Rainfall is rare in the summer months. In the North, you can enjoy cool summers, mist and sometimes rain surrounded by lush green mountains adjacent to Black Sea. In the East, snow topped mountains will strike you almost anytime of the year. In the Central Anatolia, dry weather will help you to get the desert look in summer in its vast plains, whereas you can shoot snow covered crop fields or peculiar rock formations called “Fairy Chimneys” in winter.

Voltran has years of expertise in offering you the best casting solutions with great diversity, suitable to your project’s needs.

Turkey has been, since the ancient times, a country that is extensively inhabited. Its population has been reshaped by several surges of migration waves and hosted diverse civilizations. None perished entirely without leaving a trace or hallmark after it. Due to this remarkable fact, it enjoys an extraordinarily rich ethnic/religious/cultural inheritance that is widely expressed at anything from the diversity of its people, dressing habits to worshipping or wedding rituals. People of many different nationalities have settled in Turkey, which gives the country an international and cosmopolitan characteristic and makes it easy finding a vibrant mix for a cast.